Thousands of Sales persons are making abundance of money and living lifestyle of their dreams…..
It’s because they see an opportunity and get there early.

They got there ahead of time when there was  still money to be made . . . when it was still easy to get rich. 

While you listened to some bookish guru and kept doing what used to work over and over again and got pissed off as you just kept losing time and money.
Even though you’ve been late again and again and again.

For once you can actually open your eyes and be early.

You can get out ahead of the crowd and take advantage of a massive change that’s going to make billionaires in the next few years (and whole lot of millionaires besides.)

And you know what?

You can be one of them.

Heck, don’t even think about the millions you could make (or the thousands you’ll make pretty much by accident if you’re lazy.)

Think about this: Just sitting there.

Just waiting for you to take it out.

That’s money you could make TONIGHT just by taking a few really simple steps.

Nothing in life is FREE right?

Listen . . .


And you’re going to have to be mentally prepared for how things are going to change for you.

You need to let go of the idea of “struggling” for money and get ready to deal with what it’s like to be a RICH PERSON practically overnight.

I know for me it took me a little while to get used to flying first class everywhere.

Or letting somebody else carry your bags when you get to the hotel.

Or learning to live without an alarm clock . . . 

Just getting up whenever you felt like it . . .

How would it feel to just “Decide” to take a vacation ANYWHERE in the world, spring for first class tickets “just because” and not even bother packing because you know you can just buy everything you want when you get there?

Can you even imagine what it’s going to be like to have this “money thing” handled in your life?

To stop worrying?

All because you made one little choice that changed everything?
And that tiny little group is going to be the new sales giants. The men and women who rule the sales market for years to come.  Cashing in on one of the fastest growing opportunities in history.

So right now you’ve got two options:

Option one is fill up the form and be among them
Option two: leave this page, forget everything I just told you, stick your head back in the sand and pretend what you’re doing now is going to work.

Plain and simple: A very small group of people are going to get in on the ground floor of this “Diploma in Marketing Excellence” right now.



DME is based upon an integrated approach to the requirements in marketing field. This three-months course of an DME is based on various standards of marketing field. We have designed this course to develop the skills of every person who wants to build carrier in marketing/sales and also able to suits the requirement of all business firms.

To know more about marketing/sales industry in depth and to provide an understanding of expertise in marketing/sales industy. Because markteting sector is the only sector which runs any industry smoothly.

Duration of the course :
Three Months.

Venue :
L.J. Traning Centre , Dadar West (can we change and will inform later ).

Dates :

Trainer :
Dr. Santosh Parab.

Examination :
During the time of course there will be a practical test and on the basis of grade you will recieve a diploma, which enables you to become an “Expert In Marketing Excellence”.

The Course is very intensive, comprising of a series of Lectures, Case Studies, Practical Exercises, Presentations, by highly qualified Professionals, and specially trained Tutors. The topics covered are

  • Introduction to Marketing Excellence
  • Presentation and motivation skills
  • Personality Development
  • Rexation for calm mind
  • Behavioural pattern
  • How to create impact on client
  • Planning and preparing for the follow up
  • How to deal with diffifuties with client
  • Speakers training
  • Continual improvement
  • Practicals
  • Review, Reporting & Follow Up

V Tech Excellency (India) Pvt. Ltd.  
V Tech Excellency ( India) Pvt. Ltd. VTech Excellency (India) Pvt. Ltd. V Tech Excellency ( India) Pvt. Ltd. VTech Excellency (India) Pvt. Ltd.
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