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Dr. Santosh Parab

Entrepreneur, Author,
NLP Master Practitioner,
Subliminals & Paraliminals
Music Therepist,
MLM Co’s Stratagy Designer.
Started his career in Commerce and Arts faculty coaching. Achieved popularity among the students through his professional teaching methods converting hard topics In very easy grasping. To his dedication towards students he developed the most successful and high selling multimedia course “Student Empowerment Program” for students in which he uncovered the secrets of success making it possible to any ( who wants) to be successful in his faculty and see positive results.

He deeply studied and worked with Network Marketing. He is a expert in the area of support education system of Network Marketing. Wonderful speaker and reviled various secrets of success in Network Marketing which are proven and time-tested. Many new things implemented successfully in Network Marketing. Leaded around 1,25,000 networkers spread all over India.

He has gained many years of practical successful experience. And now he has opened treasury of his knowledge, powerful speaking ability, magical teaching methods and proven and time-tested ideas for all to enhance the working capability of individual to the optimum level thereby helping to produce the best results personally and collectively for their organization.

Actively leaded The new agricultural concept of Bio Diesel - concept strongly backed by Hon. President of India. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He motivated the farmers and Govt. Agricultural Officers resulted in plantation of hundreds of acres of land of Jatropha Bio Diesel plants. As a Joint President of VMC Developers and Realtors Pvt. Ltd. got ISO certified for acquisition, development and selling of huge Bungalow plots project sold out in very short span of time by motivating the marketing team. He has established a culture in various Marketing Managements teams. That resulted the firms to take out put for long periods.

Through NLP, hypnotherapy and powerful counseling he solved the various problems of many life. Also introduced Multimedia NLP Course and Hypnotism course first time in India. Thousands of people worldwide using his “NLP Subliminal Music Therapy” and living their life of Excellence.

V Tech Excellency (India) Pvt. Ltd.  
V Tech Excellency ( India) Pvt. Ltd. VTech Excellency (India) Pvt. Ltd. V Tech Excellency ( India) Pvt. Ltd. VTech Excellency (India) Pvt. Ltd.
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